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The Montana Forest Owners Association is a non-profit organization directed by a voluntary board of non-industrial private forest landowners. MFOA seeks to further the economic, educational and policy interests of private forest landowners. MFOA is organized under the U.S. Tax Code allowing it to engage in policy activity without restriction. Therefore, MFOA is able to provide policy issues development, support educational workshops beyond the Forest Stewardship program. However, maintaining the website, identifying forestry issues and engaging in selected policy activities are MFOA’s key objectives.

When managing multiple resources of the forest, we are sensitive to environmental concerns and implement our objectives accordingly. Whether landowners own one, ten, a hundred, or thousands of acres, private forest lands are often strategically placed and contribute significantly to Montana's economic, wildlife, cultural, and recreational values. We need you to help us reach every landowner in Montana with the message of sustainable multiple-use management of our forest natural resources and to give a “voice” to non-industrial private forest owners in the policy-making arena.

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MEMBERSHIP DUES:  (five-year basis)

____$35   Membership (five-year)

____$20   Additional Contribution (five-year)

Clip and Mail to MFOA, P.O. Box 17126, Missoula, MT  59808     Thanks!

   Each member will receive:

   - membership card
   - subscription to the Northwest Woodlands Magazine and National Woodlands Magazine
   -Subscription to NIPF-ty Notes Newsletter
   - Invitations to attend important meetings and workshops
   ___ Forest landowner of _____ acres
   ___ Business or Organization
   ___ Natural Resource Professional
   ___ Other

    Contact us at:
                           P.O.Box 17126
                           Missoula, MT 59808